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BJJ Shorts| The Ultimate Gear Guide for Fighters

BJJ is a martial art that requires both expertise and the appropriate equipment. Shorts are an important piece of equipment for BJJ practitioners. Everything you need to know about BJJ shorts, from their significance in training to picking the ideal pair, will be covered in this extensive tutorial.

Why Are They Important?

BJJ shorts are different from the typical gym shorts. They were created specifically to satisfy the specific requirements of this martial art. The first step in raising your performance on the mat is to comprehend their importance.

Mobility and Comfort

BJJ or Judo GI features a variety of motions, including sprawling and guard pulls. Made with flexible fabric, guaranteeing that you may move freely and comfortably. Regular shorts may limit your mobility.


Regular groundwork and sparring can be hard on your equipment. Because they are designed to resist the demands of training, shorts last longer than regular shorts.

Traction and Grip

Because grip is so important in BJJ, specialty shorts frequently incorporate grip-improving elements like rubberized waistbands to keep them from riding up while you train.
BJJ shorts have various vital purposes during practice and competition. These include: A great range of motion is possible while using grappling and submission techniques thanks to the comfort and flexibility.


They are made with strong fabrics and reinforced stitching to resist the rigors of exercise.


To keep you dry and aid in the prevention of bacterial growth, shorts are often composed of moisture-wicking material.


Many BJJ practitioners take care in how they look, and shorts are available in a range of styles and designs to fit personal preferences.

BJJ Features to Look for

The following features should be taken into account when choosing BJJ shorts
Fabric: For comfort and hygiene, look for materials like polyester or polyester and a spandex blend that drains perspiration away from the body and dries quickly.
Reinforced Stitching: In high-stress locations, double or triple stitching enhances longevity.
Gusseted Crotches and Stretch Panels: These features promote flexibility and mobility.
Closure System: Drawstring or Velcro-closure elastic waistbands offer a snug fit.
Length: Board shorts, which are knee-length, and grappling shorts, which are mid-thigh length, are the two standard lengths for BJJ shorts
Choose what feels most comfortable for you.
Board shorts are knee-length, loose-fitting, and frequently devoid of pockets. They are well-liked for training no-gi BJJ.
Grappling shorts: These are shorter in length and frequently include side slits for better mobility. suitable for training in both gi and no-gi.
Vale Tudo Shorts: Tight, spandex-style shorts ideal for MMA and no-gi training that provides the least amount of friction and the most flexibility.
Sizing and Fit: For comfort and performance, the right size is essential. The majority of shorts are available in regular sizes (small, medium, large, etc.), but some manufacturers also offer tailored waist sizes. For accuracy, use the manufacturer's sizing chart.
Maintenance: To prolong the life of your BJJ shorts, follow these instructions:

How to Choose the Best Shorts

It takes careful consideration of a number of elements to match your unique preferences and needs when choosing the ideal pair.
Material Things
Look for shorts made of premium materials like polyester or ripstop. These fabrics offer comfort throughout extended training sessions since they are strong, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying.
Board shorts, grappling shorts, and vale tudo shorts are among the various lengths of Fit and Length BJJ shorts. The decision is up to your personal comfort level and sense of style.

Closure System

Choose shorts with a safe fastening method, often a drawstring and Velcro combo. This guarantees a tight fit and eliminates any unintentional slides while exercising.

Designs and fashion

BJJ shorts come in a variety of styles and colors, but functionality should always come first. Pick a look that suits your personality and gives you self-assurance on the mat.

Wash thoroughly.

Always follow the washing directions provided by the manufacturer to avoid premature wear and preserve color vibrancy.
Eliminate Velcro Snags
Make sure Velcro straps are fastened before washing to avoid them catching on the cloth.


Investing in the right pair of BJJ shorts can significantly enhance your training experience and performance. With comfort, durability, and mobility being the key features, choose a pair that suits your style and needs.
Remember to care for your shorts properly to make them last longer and continue to support your journey in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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