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🎢 Coding music- what's your fav? 🎡

Let's start a list of your favorite music to code to!

We'll go first:

Code-fi 🎧

And some more vibes 🎧

🎡 What's your favorites? Add them in a comment below. 🎡

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Tieg Zaharia

I have a few go-tos:

  • Any "spa music" playlist
  • Any suggestion from Flow State (flowstate.fm/podcast)
  • ironically Melt Banana (Cell-Scape is a good one)
  • and Kind of Blue never gets old
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Natwan M
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Lyn Muldrow

These are some great suggestions! I totally agree @Tieg about the spa music and flow state.

Keep them coming- maybe we can make a collective mixtape!