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Brian Shares the Secret Sauce on Making Money in OS

At Tidelift, we work hard to make open source better for everyone, and that includes paying maintainers for their time, talent, and hard work!

In this episode of Open Sauced by Bdougie, Brian talks to Feross Aboukhadijeh, founder and CEO of Socket Security. Tune in to learn more about Feross's journey and how he's found success in his work to improve OSS security!

Episode Notes:
Open source is always better with contributors, but most projects are clueless about how to sustain themselves financially. Listen to my chat with Feross about how he discovered a path.

🗺 Feross’s open source journey
🤫 The inside story of the npm funding experiment
🛡 Why Feross started Socket to improve OSS security
⚠️ Many stories of interesting attacks in the wild!

Learn more about Brian's project, Open Sauced, and tune into his YouTube channel to gain more tips, tricks, and stories from open source maintainers.

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