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What are some of your wins this year?

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It's close to the end of the year! 😱

While you're writing your year-end reviews and thinking about all the things you've done in open source in 2022, take a moment to share your fav wins with us!

Whether it's big or small, share something you're proud of achieving in 2022.

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Jeffrey A Clark

Proud to be finishing up another year of lifting Python Pillow, thanks to Tidelift and the Pillow team! I say it all the time when people ask: being lifted is like getting a record deal, or winning the lottery, or some other fantastic event that is hard to believe is real. It's not financially-life-changing yet, but it could be someday, and until then it's still very rewarding, and quite a privilege to be paid to do open source work. 🎉🙏💛