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More detail about July lifter payouts

Hey folks! We’ve received a few questions from lifters this month about changes to the way their payouts were calculated in the July payment run, so we thought it might help to clarify what has changed.

From time to time, we make adjustments to our payment algorithm and we are piloting some new changes this month that align even more closely to subscriber usage. In the line item breakdown on your payment receipt, some of you may have noticed that the income allocation across your lifted projects changed, and that individual projects may be receiving more or less income than they were previously.

We wanted to minimize the negative impact of these changes to your income while we are piloting these algorithm adjustments, so if your total income was lower, we’ve made up the difference with a line item that you will see labeled as a “Tidelift grant.” We’ll be sharing more information about this new grant program over the coming months, so stay tuned.

Many of you received proactive communication from us of large increases to your monthly income (over 20%) and you can expect this notification practice to continue. Also, if for any reason we predict decreases of 20% or more to your monthly income, we will try to give you advance notice of that as well, although no lifters saw large decreases as part of this payout run, and we do not anticipate any in the near term.

If you have any additional general questions, or have questions specific to your individual earnings, please email lift@tidelift.com and we're happy to help!

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