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Search for students using your packages

Every so often I do a search for my pyparsing package using https://scholar.google.com. This branch of Google searches specifically for academic papers, including student papers and theses. Many links go to (expensive!) paywalls - such is the state of academic publishing - but many don't and will let you bring up the actual academic paper.

I find it personally gratifying and fulfilling to see how my parsing package gets used by students: sometimes it is to develop a domain-specific language to encapsulate commands for their research; or to write a parser for some trove of raw data to pull out nuggets of useful information. The point is, these students are rarely computer science people, and writing a parser can be daunting - pyparsing lets them crank that out quickly so they can get to the actual crux of their project.

When I can, I send them an email congratulating them on their publication or completion of their thesis work, and the replies I get are a lot of fun.

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