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Lyn Muldrow
Lyn Muldrow

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What does your day-to-day look like in open source?

I'd love to learn more about your day-to-day as a hobbyist/part-time/full-time OSS creator/contributor!

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Share your day-to-day with us. What's a routine that has helped you excel in open source?

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Jeremy Friesen

I'm a full-time OSS contributor at Forem. I previously was a part-time contributor to Samvera.org. In those cases, contributing to OSS has been my paid job. I have also contributed to other OSS projects.

A day in the life is as follows:

  1. Open my daily todo list. If I was my best yesterday self I filled it out the day before. Review that list make sure nothing's missing; that involves checking my calendar.
  2. Take a look at my Github notifications. I might copy links to my todo list.
  3. Assess who all is "going off line soon" and prioritize any connections there.

Now, with the above, I enter into the free flow part of the day. This will involve maybe a meeting or two throughout the day; usually one on ones. I'll hopefully get a few hours of coding towards a task completed. I might end up writing an issue or two to telegraph what work needs done. Somedays I might perform a task breakdown of a larger project/epic.

I'll definitely review PR or follow-up on an issue that I've been stewarding. I'll probably hop on DEV.to and engage in some conversations; maybe write a post.

I might also do some pencil and paper work to sketch out a diagram, and then translate that to PlantUML and write up an internal post to share context. Invariably, I'll end up looking up how something is implemented and share that with someone.

All told, it's a variety of tasks.

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Lyn Muldrow

Thanks for sharing, Jeremy! Sounds like a great balance of structured tasks and space for free thought.