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Josh Simmons

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SockJS (npm) is seeking a new maintainer

Hello, wonderful people of the lifter community!

I just wanted to highlight that Bryce Kahle, soon to be former maintainer of SockJS, is seeking a new maintainer to take over.

SockJS has previously been lifted with Tidelift and does have income available for it.

If you're in the JavaScript ecosystem and have the bandwidth to take over maintaining a stable and mature library, please reach out to Bryce over on GitHub: https://github.com/sockjs/sockjs-client/issues/592


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Lyn Muldrow

What a great opportunity to gain some additional income and help to save a worthwhile package! Thanks for sharing this, Josh!

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Asif Saif Uddin

Interested. do you have his email?

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Josh Simmons Author

Thank you! I think he's seeking engagement on the issue, and I see you and Alex have both spoken up there – I'll check in with Bryce :)

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