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Centralized vs Decentralized Crypto Exchange: Which is Better?

Cryptocurrency Exchange is the best pathway for any business person into the crypto universe. It is a platform where a variety of cryptocurrencies are traded and exchanged without any hassles. Also, they have various options for trading making them more attractive among the startups who wish to enter into the crypto world. As there are several options for cryptocurrency exchange, the most prominent choices are between ~ Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges.

Besides the rise of trading, every crypto startup is curious to know about both centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) crypto exchanges. As they tend to play a high hand in the digital market, they are confused about the choice to select which type.

On that note, let me share some factors that differentiate them both in this digital space. So, for a startup, you may get a clear picture of which type of crypto exchange to start with. Let me begin with...

What are Centralized Crypto exchanges(CEX)?

Centralized Crypto exchange, as the name suggests, the platform is run by an organization or by a mediator. They are usually owned or controlled by an individual or a group of persons, who are responsible for handling all the trading activities and functions. Also, they will maintain the operation procedures, customer support, or request and ensure compliance. Now, let me share the pros and cons of this CEX platform,

Pros of CEX

  • High liquidity - CEX usually offers a larger trading volume, which eventually results in higher liquidity than the DEX, as it has a larger user base.
  • Reliable - This CEX is more user-friendly and designed to meet every trading user's needs. So, it is highly reliable and easy to use.
  • Customer support - Whenever an issue arises, CEX tends to offer customer support or help to sort it out.

Cons of CEX

  • Managed Controls - Since it is under centralized operation, every operation is controlled by a third party leading to hacking or some technical issues.
  • Risks of hacking - CEX platforms are easily prone to hacking and security risks and breaches resulting in a huge loss of data ( in millions).
  • Subordination - Centralized platforms are run on certain rules and compliances making them restricted to some jurisdictions.

Now on the other hand,

What are Decentralized Crypto Exchanges(DEX)?

As the name implies, Decentralized Crypto exchanges are platforms that run on decentralization without any authority or third parties. That means it usually runs on a blockchain protocol or network which is highly governed by smart contracts. Now coming to the pros and cons of DEX...

Pros of the DEX Platform

  • Decentralization - It is not controlled by any authority and makes them more resistant to hacking or other issues.
  • Anonymity - This feature makes the traders simply trade in the platform without any personal information.
  • Self-custody - All of the crypto assets are connected with your private keys which can be assisted only by you without any intervention of third parties.

Cons of the DEX platform

  • Impermanent loss - This loss is highly possible when there is an event of market fluctuations.
  • Reduced liquidity - Due to the lack of regulatory standards and competition, the DEX platform lacks liquidity reduction.
  • Trading options - DEX offers only a standard type of trading options like lending and borrowing and some investments.

On the whole, these are some of the pros and cons of starting a centralized and decentralized crypto exchange. Also, the mentioned factors are some reasons to be noted when choosing which types of crypto exchanges for your startup business. Now,

Which is better: CEX or DEX?

On comparing both types of cryptocurrency exchanges, each of them has its pros and cons which cannot be avoided. I know that this wasn't the answer you expected.

But to be precise, it is up to every individual business's needs and preferences to choose the best one for them. If you are a person looking for easy use, high liquidity, and various trading options, then you can go with the CEX platform. On the contrary, if you are a person preferring anonymity, security, and transparency, then go with the DEX Platform. It all lies in your decision on which option you prefer.

On a keynote, you might be fond of launching a DEX platform as it comes up with modern trends to be implemented. But there come some setbacks. As for now, it is highly advisable to go with Centralized crypto exchanges for anyone who is entering the crypto space. Later if you wanna upgrade your trading, then do it with a Decentralized platform.

Choose wisely!!

On the whole, developing a cryptocurrency exchange plays an integral role in delegating startups and entrepreneurs. Whether opting for centralized or decentralized exchanges, each type offers distinct advantages that cater to specific business needs. By carefully considering these development services, startups can leverage the benefits of secure, efficient, and user-friendly platforms, enabling them to thrive in the exciting realm of digital assets.

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