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Discussion on: Scarf.sh

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Joshua Bronson Author

Thanks Avi, great to hear more about Scarf, straight from the source!

I decided to start out by trying Documentation Insights (on my bidict.readthedocs.io docs site), and I'm happy to say it's been enlightening already. (E.g. I had no idea that folks at Tesla have been reading my docs, and might be using my project!) Any plans to add a weekly email digest feature with the latest insights, in case I forget to check the Scarf dashboard for a while?

Thanks again for the helpful info you posted, and for offering such a useful service to the open source community. Looking forward to following Scarf updates in the future.

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Avi Press

Love that! I'm so glad to hear you're finding it useful.

Currently we do send out a weekly digest of new companies that have surfaced but that's only hooked up to package download metrics; Documentation Insights is not yet included. We'll get that added soon! Really appreciate the feedback, we'll definitely be improving those digest emails.