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Benjamin Lupton
Benjamin Lupton

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Where do I find my Hyperwallet Pay ID?

Trying to figure out how to receive the monthly payments that Tidelift is doing, however it seems I need to make a Hyperwallet account which asks for my Payee ID which I cannot find. It says it was in signed contract, however I scanned the contract and couldn't find such a thing.

I also have npm packages from multiple npm accounts, so which npm username shall I connect if that is what it is referring to?

Finally what is the orange diamond logo referring to? There are no alt texts for the logos so no idea.

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Jeremy Katz

Hey Benjamin -- I know I replied to your support ticket but just to add some more information here for anyone else wondering. Your initial email when we approve packages will have the ID but I also pushed a change last week so it will now also show up in the profile just like you showed here